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October, 10

BJP is murdering the soul of India

Addressing a Press Conference today Former Union Minister and Congress leader Kapil Sibal said that soul of India has been murdered.

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October, 9

Black Money has gone out of India, but the Prime Minister is silent

Addressing a press conference today, Congress leader R.P.N. Singh said that while the Prime Minister has been claiming from every stage, that there have been no scams during his tenure, one such scam has come to light right under his nose in Delhi.

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October, 7

In Bihar, Rahul Gandhi shows the difference between Bharatiya ‘Jumla’ Party and the Congress

Speaking in Bihar, on Wednesday, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi highlighted the many hypocrisies of the Narendra Modi government, starting from his numerous election promises, which remain unfulfilled to date.

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October, 8

The idea of India will die, unless India speaks up

“It was a mere accident (lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri). Their intention (the rioters) was to injure and not to lynch him. You should also consider the fact that Akhlaq’s 17-year-old daughter was not touched.”

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Congress Vice President Speech at Kisaan Samman Rally, Sept 20, 2015


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